Financial Services Consultant – Experience or Qualification

Jeff Viveros

Jeff Viveros


Hiring a financial services consultant shouldn’t be a task that you take for granted. Plenty of thought should go behind whose advice you take, given that it could potentially change the story of your finances. The most important decision to make would obviously be between qualification and experience. Would you pick a qualified consultant who has all the right degrees or someone who has ages of experience dealing with the financial industry? You also have the option of dealing with an insurance sales agent or a securities stock broker.

The other question is whether you should go for a specialist dealing with one set of financial instruments or a consultant like Jeffrey Michael Viveros who can offer you comprehensive information on a lot of different factors that can affect your financial standing. Being exposed to a narrow range of products will lead you to be misled, especially when the sales agents who advise you without any fees are working purely for the commission they are paid on the products they sell.

Income planning at a serious level should be done with the help of a professional consultant whose sole motto is to help individuals or businesses strengthen their finances in a way that suits their resources, cash flows and reserves. When you want advice on the financial markets, mutual funds, bonds or stock, it is not a bad idea to look for someone who is certified and qualified to offer his or her expertise. Qualifications help in that aspect to demonstrate knowledge and gain your trust.

Moreover, specialization is a foundation that consultants can build on over a period of time. There are even chartered financial planners who are recognized for their expertise at the most professional level to help individuals streamline their priorities and sync them with their finances.

Financial planners who are also members of prestigious societies or associations can be hired for their dedication to the field and their standing amongst peers. However, experience has to be the final calling card given that pros like Jeff have been in the industry for decades and offer value through sheer insight and observation.

A seemingly great trend or a great investment product might not necessarily fetch you a lot if you hold on to it for too long. Only someone with experience can offer advice on what your short term plans should be and what your long term investments need to be.

There are financial services consultants who offer their services independently and firms that can help by putting you in touch with their expert consultants. This is another option worth delving into. You need to check where you can get the benefit of in-house data, research and statistics to help you make the right decision. Some independent consultants can get down to the personal level, trying to understand what the personal goals of your family are. Lifestyle and ambition play a big role in how you have to invest and that is where a professional but empathetic consultant can really add value.



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